The Champions Awards 2023: the way ahead

The journey from inspiration to ceremony was rich and rewarding.

What were the ideas behind the 2023 Awards?

There were several suggested approaches for nominations:

What is ‘make do and mend’ – and what can we do to help save some money?

What is ‘sustainability’ – and how can we help the environment?

What is Sustainable Sidmouth – and how can the Transition Town movement help?

What is the Circular Economy – and how can it help businesses become more sustainable?

How could nominations be made for the 2023 Awards?

Enter the Champions Awards 2023

Citizen’s Award 2023Citizen’s Award: activity & project ideas

Groups and organisations Award 2023Groups and Organisations Award: activity & project ideas

Schools and educational organisations Award 2023Schools and educational organisations Award: activity & project ideas

Businesses Award 2023Business Award: activity & project ideas

Champions Awards 2023: terms & conditions

Who were the judges for the 2023 Awards?

The Champions Awards 2023 had a prestigious line-up of local personages:

Meet the Panel of Judges

Judges Denise Bickley, Sylvia Brownlee and Eleanor Carr

Judges Prof Brian Golding, Cllr Chris Lockyear and Chris Woodruff