The Champions Awards 2023: ceremony photographs

Several photos of the Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards certificate ceremony have already been made available on the news pages:

Congratulations! Champion Awards – first photos! – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards

And there have been a few others published by attendees themselves:

SUSTAINABLE SIDMOUTH CHAMPIONS Well done to… – Sidmouth College | Facebook

Here is the complete set of photos taken on the evening of 21st September by professional photographer Kyle Baker, himself a multi-award winner.

Congratulations! Champion Awards – all the photos!

Meanwhile, these have been shared far and wide:

The Champions Awards certificate… – Sidmouth Champions Awards | Facebook

Well done everyone!! – Sidmouth Repair Cafe | Facebook

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group | Congrats to Tess Bisson and Stefan Drew for their fabulous work on the Sidmouth Community Food Forest | Facebook