Sidmouth’s care home champions

The VGS has been contacted by staff at one of the Sid Valley’s care homes for the elderly:

“We are looking for ways to support our local community to save the environment and become more eco-friendly as a home. I wondered if you could give us some information on this – and we would really appreciate if you could recommend someone coming to hold a talk session with the residents. This support would be hugely appreciated and it would be great to build a community link.”

So, is this about this year’s theme for the Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards – ‘education for hope, education for sustainability’?

We would think so – as it can only be welcome that institutions are reaching out, keen to learn about how to be more sustainable in what they do – and to work with others in the community to build up a sense of hope for the future.

The VGS has since been in touch, forwarding a few suggestions and links – and hopes to provide a speaker to engage further on the issues.

Free Images : nature – Free stock photos – PxHere

Here are those links to a few ways to support our local community to save the environment and become more eco-friendly as a home:

Photographing nature is a wonderful way to connect with the environment – with some inspiring examples on the River Sid site – but you can snap the sun or sunflowers from your own garden:

Fabulous photos down by the River in June – The Sid

Of course there’s so much we can do to appreciate nature and all its diversity – with more inspiration and ways to help on the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group’s social media pages:

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

Why not have a little bug hunt or some sort of nature survey? Or take part in the upcoming Big Butterfly Count? It can all be done in our back gardens!

Big Butterfly Count

One of the incentives for setting up the Sidmouth Plastic Warriors was David Attenborough’s fabulous Blue Planet series which showed the impact of plastic on the creatures of the sea – with lots of news and ideas and tips to go ‘plastic freer’ on their social media:

Sidmouth Plastic Warriors | Facebook

And there is the idea that all of us of a certain age grew up with – that of ‘make do and mend’. The Sidmouth Repair Café is all about that – and about sharing those fixing skills. Ttheir social media pages are full of stories and practical tips on how to save money and to save the planet:

Sidmouth Repair Cafe | Facebook

Finally, we need to be working across the generations: young and not-so-young: How about inviting youngsters into care homes, so that everyone can learn a little from each other?

Children in care homes: ‘It makes residents feel more human’ | Social care | The Guardian

It’s not only a way to connect in the community – but to allow different generations to teach each other about planet earth:

Working with children “about keeping our community clean, saving the environment, ocean pollution, climate change and how we all can help by going green.”

“The importance of being a good Digital Citizen” – Vision Group for Sidmouth