Sidmouth Library champions

Next week, Devon will be a-buzz with libraries doing exciting things – including in Sidmouth:

Libraries throughout Devon and Torbay will be bursting with free community events at an annual Fun Palace extravaganza. Libraries will be hosting the fun days on September 30, October 1 and 2 for people to experience something new. 

· Japanese storytelling, colouring club and origami boxes at Sidmouth Library

Libraries in Devon turn to Fun Palaces bursting with free events – Devon Live

Here’s more:

Fun Palaces: sharing skills, connecting communities, creating tiny revolutions

In 1961 Joan Littlewood and Cedric Price designed a Fun Palace building – a ‘laboratory of fun’. They imagined a building linked through technology to other spaces.

About Fun Palaces – Fun Palaces

And a lot they do is about linking culture, learning and sustainability:

Outside of my Fun Palaces work (but entirely joined up with it) I am working on a project exploring the 20 minute neighbourhood (or 15 minute city) model. The idea being that residents of a 20 minute neighbourhood can meet most of their daily needs within a 20 minute stroll, roll or cycle. It’s great for local businesses, cultivates a better quality of life for residents and ultimately cuts back on pollution and carbon emissions. Neighbourhoods need housing diversity (including affordable), schools, safe streets and spaces, sports facilities, health services, local shops, playgrounds, parks, local employment opportunities and of course culture.
For me there is a clear link between Fun Palaces and 20 minute neighbourhoods. Fun Palaces have always been about celebrating the culture we have right here on our doorsteps. It’s about saying we don’t need to travel to big cities to experience culture, and we don’t need to fly in experts. We are the experts and our communities are already rich in culture, creativity, arts, sciences, heritage and more. Part of my Fun Palaces work over the past six months has been to look at our HQ and Ambassador sustainability policies and to create a sustainable Fun Palaces toolkit, because I really do believe that Fun Palaces can play a part in creating climate-friendly arts, sciences and culture.

Fun Palaces, Sustainability and Local Culture – Fun Palaces

So, more ‘education for sustainability, education for hope’.

Meanwhile, back in Sidmouth, it’s all about sharing skills:

Join us at Sidmouth Library as we take part in Fun Palaces. Come along and join in FREE activities provided by members of our local community who are sharing their skills. Suitable for all ages.

Sidmouth Library – Devon