How to nominate

Nominations are now open!

… but will be closing on Thursday 30th September!

Visit the Community, Resilience and Sustainability Awards pages for more information on which Awards you would like to nominate for.

Use the Nomination Form embedded below to nominate the group, individual, business or other organisation, and give as much information as you can about why you feel they should be recognised:

  • Provide the names of those who are to be recognised.
  • Give as much information as you possibly can about how this person/group/business/organisation has helped you or others.
  • Include as many examples as possible of what they have done to make life better.

Thank you!

PS: You can fill in more than one nomination form if you’d like to nominate others too!

We are putting together a panel of judges – all local people – which will be announced in September.

We will highlight the contribution of all nominees – and will be holding an award ceremony later on in October – either virtual if necessary, or in real life if we are able to.

Please do share this information as widely as possible, and if you run a group or a business please have a think about your volunteers and employees:

  • Is there one who stands out or does the whole team deserve a mention?
  • If you are a volunteer or an employee, how has the management been?
  • Who would be worthy of an award?

Get nominating!