Sid Valley Biodiversity Group champions

When it comes to ‘education for sustainability, education for hope’, there is the inspiring Sid Valley Biodiversity Group – and yet its ‘education’ is hardly didactic, but more “this is really interesting and what can we do to help?!”

Its strapline is “promoting & enhancing the natural wealth of the Sid Valley” – but this is only going to happen if we all do our bit.

And to make that happen, we need to know what to do.

So, there are lots of great events being both organised and advertised by the SVBG – all of which are both fun and informative:

Visit A Farm – Open Farm Sunday

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group | **The Sid Valley Biodiversity Group presents**

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group | Yet more great events in June – from the latest SVBG newsletter – including:

There’s a wealth of information on the SVBG website – and lots of guidance on how to “promote & enhance the natural wealth of the Sid Valley”:

With talks on the Queen of Seaweed and how folk promoted natural wealth in their time:

Phycomania & Phycologist Amelia Griffiths – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

Advice on how to save a bit of effort and to save a bit of nature:

Lazy Biodiversity?  – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

And info on more fascinating learning events:

Plant ID Event – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

Meanwhile, there’s the weekly piece in the Herald – always with something new and interesting:

We learn about keeping honey bees on the Four Elms Fruit Farm:

Sidmouth biodiversity: How to pollinate 70 acres | Sidmouth Herald

We learn about the usefulness of churchyards as havens for wildlife:

Sidmouth churchyard is a haven for wildlife | Sidmouth Herald

And we learn about the charms of a small pond in the garden:

Fascinating pond life by Sheila Meades

Sidmouth biodiversity: Delights of pondlife | Sidmouth Herald

That really is about ‘education for sustainability, education for hope’ – looking to sustain and enhance our natural world, and to be hopeful that each of us can have a positive effect.