Sid Valley Biodiversity Group champions

People really want to know more about the natural world – and the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group is very much about informing and engaging people:

Our aims
Making a measurable positive difference to the biodiversity of Sid Valley by:
• Helping people to understand and celebrate the rich diversity of wildlife already present in the valley.

• Increasing public understanding of the diversity of wildlife already present in the Sid Valley and the benefits of spending time in nature.
• Supporting people through information and engagement to take actions that will benefit wildlife and provide personal learning and enjoyment.
• Enhancing learning within the group and the wider community by inviting specialists in various disciplines to share their knowledge about the natural world.

Our Plan – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

And it’s been very busy over the last two years or so since it was set up.

There have been loads of talks and events, for example:

Plant ID Event – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

Phycomania & Phycologist Amelia Griffiths – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

As well as lots of practical advice:

What is iNaturalist & How To Use iNaturalist To Record Species – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

Birdwatch 2022, Here’s How To Take Part – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

And online there are all sorts of ways to engage and learn.

There are the weekly articles in the Herald, which are always fascinating and instructive, for example:

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group on dandelions | Sidmouth Herald

Sidmouth biodiversity: Town’s balsma bashers | Sidmouth Herald

Sid Valley biodiversity group: Vampire plants | Sidmouth Herald

The SVBG’s Facebook pages are full of discussion threads – so do join in:

(20+) Sid Valley Biodiversity Group | Facebook

And the SVBG’s Instagram pages showcase the colour and glory in the Valley – and again, do comment:

We bring people in our community together to celebrate, learn about and enhance the natural beauty of Sid Valley in East Devon

Members of the biodiversity group spent an enjoyable, sunny afternoon at Goren Farm yesterday. They explored the beautiful wildflower meadows enjoying the diversity of plants and wildlife. All rounded off with a delicious cream tea.

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group (@sidvalleybiodiversity) • Instagram photos and videos

So much to learn!

And so a big thanks to the SVBG for promoting ‘education for sustainability’ and ‘education for hope’!